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About Chanteuse Enchantée


Chanteuse Enchantée formed in 2022 and is a new venture for Chanteuse. 


Chanteuse Enchantée is a small ensemble of ladies taken from the main Chanteuse Chamber Choir.

Most of our repertoire is a cappella and we draw from a wide range of musical styles - English, classical Indian and Mexican, to name a few.

Chanteuse Enchantée has just won their first competition at the Isle of Man Festival of Choirs, taking home the trophy for the best ensemble in 2023.

Chanteuse Enchantée is also led by our Musical Director, Sue Brereton-Banks.

And in case you're wondering about the name, we've taken some French inspiration and ooh la la. Chanteuse Enchantée means a group of female singers who are always very pleased to meet you. 

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