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Just One Week Until Chanteuse Chamber Choir Shines at Newcastle-under-Lyme Festival!

With just one week remaining until the Newcastle-under-Lyme Festival for Music, Speech, and Drama, the excitement within Chanteuse Chamber Choir is palpable! We've been hard at work perfecting our harmonies, fine-tuning our repertoire, and ensuring that our performance is nothing short of mesmerising.

Chanteuse Chamber Choir singing

As the countdown begins, anticipation mounts among our members. Each rehearsal is a chance to elevate our craft, refine our sound, and bring forth the very best of our musicality. From vocal exercises to dynamic interpretation, every moment is dedicated to delivering a performance that will leave audiences spellbound.

Join us as we eagerly await the opportunity to showcase our talent on the stage of Clayton Hall Academy. Whether you're a supporter of the arts or a fellow participant, we invite you to witness the magic of Chanteuse Chamber Choir at the Newcastle-under-Lyme Festival.

The stage is set, the harmonies are refined, and we can't wait to share our music with you!

March 2024



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