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Midlands Choir of the Year 2024 final

The Midlands Choir of the Year (MCOTY) final was an exhilarating experience for the Chanteuse Chamber Choir, and we are thrilled to share the highlights of this memorable event!

Chanteuse Chamber Choir at the MCOTY 2024 final
Chanteuse Chamber Choir at the MCOTY 2024 final

🎤 A Night to Remember 🎤

The grandeur of Lichfield Cathedral set the stage for an evening filled with exceptional choral performances. As one of the six finalists, we felt honoured and excited to be part of such a prestigious event for the second time. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation, as each choir brought their unique talents to the stage.

The finalists (in order of appearance) included:

Each performance was a testament to the diverse and vibrant choral scene in the Midlands. The cathedral’s stunning acoustics amplified the beautiful harmonies, creating an ethereal experience for everyone present. The standard of choral singing was truly impressive, showcasing the remarkable level of musical talent in our region.

🎼 Our Performance 🎼

Taking the stage in such a revered venue was both a humbling and exhilarating experience. Under a musical baton of our MD Sue Brereton-Banks we presented four contrasting pieces pouring our hearts into every note, delivering a performance that showcased our passion, precision, and the unique blend of voices that define the Chanteuse Chamber Choir. The accompaniment from Mr Steve Williams was nothing short of transformative, imbuing the pieces with a rich, evocative atmosphere. The support from our audience was overwhelming, and their cheers and applause fuelled our spirits.

🏆 Celebrating the winners🏆

While we did not clinch the top prize, we are immensely proud to have reached the final for the second time. This achievement is a testament to our dedication and the unwavering support of our fans.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to MaleVox, the winners of the Midlands Choir of the Year 2024. Their performance was truly remarkable, and their victory well-deserved. Also, congratulations to Staffordshire Show Choir and Inspire Choir for jointly winning the audience prize. It was an honour to share the stage with such talented choirs, and we celebrate the success of every participant.

🙏 Thank You 🙏

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Your encouragement means the world to us and inspires us to keep striving for excellence. The MCOTY final was a night of unforgettable music, camaraderie, and shared passion, and we are grateful to have been part of it.

Thank you to the organisers and volunteers for creating such a magical platform for the choirs to share their music.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on this incredible experience, we are more motivated than ever to continue our musical journey. Stay tuned for more performances, events, and updates from the Chanteuse Chamber Choir. Together, we will keep the spirit of choral music alive and thriving.

Thank you for being part of our story. Here’s to many more harmonious adventures ahead! 🎶


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