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New season at Chanteuse

Welcome back to the melodious world of Chanteuse Chamber Choir! As we slowly bid adieu to winter and look up to the sky for a slither of sunshine, our lovely ladies are tuning up their vocal cords and diving headfirst into a whirlwind of new songs, practice sessions, and exciting performances.

The singers are delving into the world of music, prepared to share harmonies that resonate deeply with listeners. Our repertoire spans from classical pieces to contemporary favourites as well as songs that our listeners know and love. It is a season of learning, and the Chanteuse ladies are no strangers to the grind, perfecting and fine-tuning each harmony until it resonates with brilliance. It's a labour of love, fuelled by a shared commitment to excellence and a love for the art of choral singing.

Our musical director, Sue, and the choir committee are already hard at work planning our next performances. From local concerts that will captivate our community to prestigious competitions that will challenge our skills, we're eager to shine on stage and share our love for music. So, keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media for details of our next performances!

Until next time, let the music play on!

February 2024



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